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[APD] OT: license

I believe Ellen O'Connell wrote this email section below:
>> I know in Scotland we now have a act of law that owners of pets need to show
>> a degree of understanding of the care needed to look after them before they
>> are sold a pet.
> How do they enforce this?  I've always wanted such a law as to dogs and 
> cats -- you'd have to get the license before the pet and pass a test to get 
> the license.

Well as it's the sellers who would get their license removed, I guess they 
enforce it.

Another part of the act also says you can't mutilate pets. So no dogs with 
ears or tails cut off, etc.. So what do the Breeders do? They get this done 
outside the UK as importing mutilated pets is not illegal. I hear that this 
loophole is suppose to be removed sometime.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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