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Re: [APD] Stocking Levels

"And yet millions of fish are still killed within a week of purchasing them?

We've had the correct bacteria discovered for decades now and it's still not
sold by many shops or supplied as standard with tanks.

Personally I think a bottle of Safestart or One and Only should be sold with
every tank system. In the UK every tank system is sold with a filter. Be
nice if they had the bacteria to go alongside it as well. ;-)"

Well, Stuart,  many people here believe that the "canned" bacteria starter 
are a waste of money, particularly in a planted tank, since the nitrifying 
are already present on them.  I've never used a product like that, even in a 
aquarium.  Mulm or water from an established tank is even better.

Why is every tank sold in the UK equipped with a filter?   Is the tank 
filter lobby that
strong?  <g>


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