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Re: [APD] Stocking Levels

"With the first two sentences of the first quoted paragraph, I am in full 
agreement.  With the last two I have a number of issues, mostly on the idea
that the changes since Innes are "details". The developments of plastics and 
polymers, waterproof electric pumps, magnetically linked impellers used with 
them, modern filter materials from synthetic fiber mats to polymer sponges
and microporous ceramics are far from detail, they are radical concepts 
which would stun the good Doctor.  Ditto fully submersible heaters and
thermostats, efficient tank lighting, and perhaps even prepared food which 
will alone at least support full life cycles in fish.  Not mention modern 
hobby-level test kits - that alone is a quantum leap."

All of those technological improvements just make it easier to meet the 
basic needs that Dr. Innes said were requird to keep healthy fish - clean 
water, good food, and the right temperature.

Certainly, 60 guppies in a 10 gallon aquarium would not be esthetically 
appealing to many.  Innes also said that to maximize health and growth, the 
surface area requirements should be doubled or "trebeled".  That would 
reduce the number of guppies in that to about 20 which isn't that far from 
what the one inch per gallon rule would suggest.

BTW, my first aquarium heater was a submersable, in about 1950.  It had no 
thermostat.  It was unplugged in warm weather.  The fish and plants did just 


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