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Re: [APD] Activated Carbon and the Dangers of email

I believe Jerry Smith wrote this email section below:
> I can't agree with Stuart any more fully. He has stated what I didn't want 
> to take the time to post, especially about the point that I didn't see any 
> shooting either. I did see a smiley in there though.
> I also laughed about the two posts asking to have us delete the unwanted 
> part of a post and also to change the subject line. This has come up so 
> often over the years, it is just not going to change. To search the 
> archives, don't search the subject line, search the body of the messages.
> Next I am waiting for someone to say, "Look for it in the Archives, we were 
> just talking about that subject!!!!" History and APD posts repeat 
> themselves!!!
Hehe, Archives and FAQ sheets were made for tired active members to add 
in an email in response to an innocent email question.

No one really reads them before posting. ;-))

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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