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Re: [APD] Damn snails

I believe Nick Andrews wrote this email section below:
> So what is a good way to kill off the thousands of tiny spiral snails in a planted tank?  I have a tiger botia in there, I think he's still alive, anyway, that may eat some.
Add some copper/snail killing liquid? But that'll mean lots of ammonia 
from decaying flesh.

Add a loach? This doesn't really work.
I'm currently over run with MTS and ear snails despite having Clown 
loaches and dwarf chain loaches.

Add a puffer? This seems to time. It's amazing how the snails come back 
when you remove it.

Add a snail trap remover?
This works. But you need to remove it every day.

Once the level of snails is virtually zero. Nuke the tank with snail 
killing liquid and the ammonia load shouldn't be high. You can get 
non-copper based ones.

Note: Don't forget to thoroughly examine your filters as these tiny 
snails live in the filter case and the pipe work!

Add Assassin Snails?
You're just swapping one species for another...

Copper/liquids don't work for MTS, they're quite tolerant of these. I've 
tried them all. :-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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