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[APD] Oxygen levels

I believe Diana Berberich wrote this email section below:
> Hello folks:
> I have done all kinds of things to eliminate green water.  I tried tricks like lights off during the day (black out) and then making sure I maintained CO2 levels when the lights were off.  It seems the plants (algea included) use oxygen at night or in the dark. So this gave a double wammy (no light and no oxygen) in a 24 hour cycle. I did this one for 3 days.
Plants use up O2 day and night. It's just they stop generating extra O2 
at night.

Of course if a tank needs H2O2 at night then surely it's overstocked...? :-)

It's considered usual practise to aerate a planted tank at night to 
'stop excess CO2 building up'. But I suspect we do this because we've 
over stocked. :-)

The nitrifying bacteria and other bacteria/fungus is using up O2 24/7 so 
I wonder if we've got the stocking 'rules' wrong for planted tanks?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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