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[APD] green water

Hello folks:
I have done all kinds of things to eliminate green water.  I tried tricks like lights off during the day (black out) and then making sure I maintained CO2 levels when the lights were off.  It seems the plants (algea included) use oxygen at night or in the dark. So this gave a double wammy (no light and no oxygen) in a 24 hour cycle. I did this one for 3 days.
I have also used peroxide which I know is controversial.  But it really knocked out a variety of algeas.  Be careful not to burn out the fish gills. Peroxide is also an old method to make the water oxygen rich again when your fish are all gasping at the top of the tank because something went wrong or you have a power failure in your neighborhood.  Peroxide can be looked up on this list. 
I notice that when I keep my 90 gal tank on the acid side (i have discus and chocolate gouramis who love this) I have less algea problems.  Be kind to your fish on this one.  If they cant tolerate it you cant do this.
Before you do any of the above you have to scrub, siphon and do a water change.  ALso consider a filter cleaning.  Once that is finished you begin the war on the algea.  
The plants can take more extremes of water conditions than most fish.  If you dont feel sure of yourself and still want to try the above, remove the fish to another tank before messing with peroxide or even nightly CO2 increase.  
My discus tank has plenty of plants so the evening cycle for the tanks requires more oxygen, because the plants are then in competition with my discus for the reduce oxygen levels of the night.  I can see the fish at night gasping for air bacause of this.  To keep my tank in balance I keep a Koralia circulation pump on a timer which switches on when the lights go off.  I have it set so that the water flow disturbs the surface of the water thus guaranteeing that I get the increased oxygen I need to keep the plants and fish well supplied.  In the moring the pump goes off an hour before the lights come on.  The plants will give me all the oxygen the tank needs when the lights go on and photosynthesis begins it magical process.
This is why I play with the oxygen and CO2 balance to keep the water column clear of algea. I am a bit afraid of algecides or medicine which kills the algea and the good bacteria in your tank, filter and substrate.  I tried algecide once and my chocolate gouramis immediately became distressed with clamped fins and colour changes and then hiding on the bottome of the tank. 
Hope this gives food for thought.

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