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Re: [APD] Plants "closing"

Yep, perfectly natural.  Nice sign of healthy plants.
No idea why, I'd just guess for added breakage protection when there's no
reason for them to be open.


>I have a few plants in a tank i setup quite recently. A few days ago I
>increased the lighting from one 40W fluorescent tube to two, as well as
>starting up the Co2 injection. Tonight i noticed that my dwarf Hygrophila,
>as well as what i THINK may be ludwigia and another bushy stemmy plant, all
>have closed up after i turned off the lights (the lights in the room were
>for a little while now and again)
>Im just wondering if anybody knows why this is? i dont think i have seen it
>before, its almost the same as how a flower closes up at night, the leaves
>kinda close together at the top of the plants.

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