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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 62, Issue 7

It's called a discussion.  If we just took everyone's word as gospel, it 
wouldn't make for a very interesting mailing list, would it?  Why are we 
subscribed to a list, if not to discuss / argue the subject?  Presenting 
a differing viewpoint does not correspond to calling anyone a newbie or 
an idiot.  There are a lot of folks on this list (or were at one time) 
with quite a few years of experience and lots to share; conversely, time 
in and of itself means little.

The link I posted was to Tom Barr's site, who routinely creates green 
water intentionally, and this is not tied to phosphates in the 
experimentation he's done.  I posted this link in the interest of 
generating discussion.

BTW, I was incorrect in saying something about carbon sucking up 
phosphate, temporary lapse (getting old), thinking micronutrients.

Dan Barrett wrote:
> To the person who made the comment about being slammed for sharing!?! I see
> exactly what you mean!
> It's little wonder anyone speaks in here! If you share any wisdom,
> (wisdom = knowledge + experience), someone has to shoot it down!
> I have 37 years of aquarium experience both in fresh, and saltwater tanks.
> I'm not a newbie, nor am I an idiot! I know exactly what I'm talking about
> before I share....
> This will be my last comment in this forum!
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