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[APD] AGA Convention -- just a month away...

I know it's probably posted on all the forums, but I'm still an APD 
die-hard, so I post here. :)

The AGA's 2008 convention is in Atlanta, GA, the weekend of November 13th, 
and the hotel room deadline is less than a week away.  On October 15th, 
the hotel releases the discount rate on the hotel.  Now is definitely the 
time to register.

The guest list is very impressive, including Takashi Amano making his 
third appearance (and live demo), and Benito Tan speaking on aquatic 
mosses.  Though their home city is still a mess from Ike, Jeff Senske and 
the folks at Aquarium Design Group are coming and sponsoring the second 
Iron Aquascaper Contest.  There's a discount admission field trip to the 
Atlanta Aquarium, which is in WALKING distance of the hotel.  Lots of info 
on the AGA website and forum:


But I figured in this post I'd talk a little about the auction, as it's 
not been mentioned too much.  The auction is all aquatic plants (and 
related items), and is a mixture of donated items and stuff brought in by 
the convention-goers, a.k.a. crazy hobbyists just like yourself.  Eric D, 
I will be bringing a large rhizome of Anubias coffeafolia I harvested last 
week!  Carol, I am sure some folks will be bringing Pogostemon helferi!

I know the economy is in the toilet, and that's one reason a few folks (at 
least ones I've talked to in Seattle) have opted not to come this year, 
but consider this: One of the side benefits to bringing plants for the 
auction is the AGA's very generous split policy -- 70/30.  If you sell 
$95 worth of plants at the auction, you've made back your registration 
cost... if you can resist the temptation to buy something else. :)

Hope to see lots of you there...

   - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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