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[APD] NEW/old tank ?'s

I recently acquired a 110 X-high tank(48x18x30) from a garage sale for $5
(220 some odd pounds) and stuffed it in my wife's car to get it home.

  The silicone seal on the front glass was broken, so I cut it off and have
cleaned the old silicone off very well. I know I need to clean the glass
with acetone and then let it dry well before I apply new silicone and put
the glass back together on the rest of the tank.  I also know I should let
it sit for atleaast 48 hours before filling.  My LFS has All-Glass Aquarium
brand silicone is this strong enough for a tank that size? Or do I need
something special?   

   The plastic frames on the tank were broken when I got it, do I need them?
What about replacing them with several layers of ducktape?  Or a snug wood

     I am trying to get a metal halide fixture I have to work with this as
it is a very tall tank and I know I will need strong light to get all of the
way to the bottom of it for my plants, is there anyway to test the ballasts,
other than buying new bulbs to test with, I think they are bad but don't
want to fork out the $50/$60 just to find out I was wrong.  


Matt W.

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