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Re: [APD] newsgroups

>>This may be true of this Newsgroup.. but I disagree that they die. I am in
a several other NG and they go thur an ebb and flow but the core group
stays put because this is a much better way of exchanging information than
a forum. along with not having to be nagged by ads. I am not saying that
Forums are not valuable. You just have to go there it gliss any information
where a NG comes to my email and I can glance at it and decide what I find
as important. Granted I don't post here often.. and that is because of 

Well this isn't a newsgroup, its a listserv, an email broadcast list. I was 
talking about the Usernet. rec aquaria, alt aquaria and so forth which have 
become completely useless. Most have closed and those that are still open 
consist of obscene troll posts... and I mean really really obscene. 
Listservs aren't anywhere near as popular as they once were either, but I 
guess there are still some going! Aquatic plant central has over 20 thousand 
registered members from all over the world, and at any given moment 24 hours 
a day has 200 to 300 members online. I honestly do not understand why the 
Usernet is even still on the internet. Its a waste of space.

Robert Hudson
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