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Hello Folks:

I think this list went thru some hard times and survived it all.  There was a problem with someone who got off on sueing folks for his personal recreation.  And I do remember that some people had poor impulse control and loved to put the flames to those who posted. Some people don't understand that we can agree to disagree and not take it personally by striking out at others.
I really depend on this list because I learned so much from the botanist types, physics, electrical, chemical and all others. The hobby can be as simple or as complex as you wish.  The idea I had was to take from it, what I could understand and ask about the rest that interested me personally.  

I loved to trade because so many on the list would have extra and this would often help others who were just beginning like me back then.  It also put pressure on the hobby to try and come up with some newer plant varieties.  I still am amazed that no one has yet to bring in some of the newer sword plant hybrids from Germany; I have only seen 2 varieties.  I got something new (not german or hybrid?)from Aquabotanic - echinodorus vesuvius that is very lovely in my tank.

Things do have their ebb and flow and right now EBBING is what is happening to this list, and the nation as a whole.  For me, this list is a most needed resource.  Since I am reluctant to buy my way out of problems at the pet shop, I am forced to become more knowledgeable in using less to achieve more with my aquaria.  That is part of the creativity in our aquarium designs. 
Because of this list I have learned to build my own lighting systems, and use DIY CO2.  I have realized how science and tech advancements have lead to the creation and sale of so many wonderful devices we take for granted in setting up our tanks.  My tanks have special substrates, UV sterilization, CP lighting, special fertilization of water column, canister filters, specialized feeding regemin, timers for lights, plumbing issues,  etc.  Because of all this, even I can keep Discus alive and healthy for the first time in my life.
The anecdotal stuff I read on this list comes from those who seem to depend on observing their results without the need to refer to anything else.  They can help us learn to observe for ourselves and try new things.  
I look forward to this list enduring, and thriving again.  I am no computer wizard and find using the list easy and convenient.  I also miss some of the old timers I knew when I lived in San Francisco, and who contributed a great deal of their knowledge and skill for our benefit.  

I learned that the most discussed plants on this list was "algae".  Annoying, isn't it?  But I learned of new and lovely plants that I have as my favorites to this day and keep in my aquaria.  Plants I cannot find in the pet shops or from the wholesalers in Florida.  

Basically this has been a great list and I realize how we really need each other to make it just that.   

Thanks, Diana

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