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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 60, Issue 1

I used malachite green against ich many times, with no harm to plants.

The dose that works well for me is 0.1mg/l every night after the
lights go off (it decomposes quickly under light).
Do a 20 percent water change every next evening before applying a new
dose of the medicine. Continue for three more days after spots are
completely gone from all the fishes.

People usually claim that clown loaches and other scaleless fishes are
particularly susceptible to malachite green and recommend to use half
dosage for them. I have personally never encountered any problems with
clowns with this dosage (and half dosage is quite inefficient against

> My fish have been hit with white spot for the first time in 15 years of keeping fish and plants.
> It is my fault as I added new plants from a new supplier with out dipping them (was in a hurry)and bam the fish have white spot.
> temp is 27deg C , I don't want to pull the tank down to catch the fish.
> What can I use that will not hurt the plants or the catfish ?
> the tank is a 6 x2 x2
> Thanking you
> Outbackdean (outback OZ)
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