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[APD] So, Where do I begin

  Hello Dan.  Welcome to the list.   The best place to begin I guess is
right here:)  I began by just finding out as much information from various
sources and then jump right in.  I would suggest the book "Ecology of the
Planted Aquarium" by Diana Walstad.

    Richard JIVA Wickboldt

Hi I'm Dan in Virginia, (Just south of Richmond)

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your group!

I'm brand new to aquarium plants, and the whole aqua plant culture.(I've
always had those dredfully ugly plastic ones!)

I've always had great success with aquarium fish, (both fresh, and salt
water fish), and terresteral plants seperately. (mainly orchids, and African

But, after developing a debillatating allergy to soil born mold and mildew,
I unfortunately and reluctently had to put an end to my terrestial plant
hobby for now.

So....! why not try my hand at planted aquariums?!?
I have a 55, a 35, and a 20 gallon aquarium I hope to plant up soon.

So much to learn first! and excited about it!
I hope to learn a lot from you all!

So, Where do I begin?

Thanks again!
Dan ~ va

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