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[APD] EasyCarbo V Excel

I believe BRiaN Forsythe wrote this email section below:
> The glute is great stuff.  I don't want to do CO2 in my Tanganyikan
> tank because of the pH effects.  Unfortunately, I can't compare to
> Excel because I've never used it.  Our plant club (SWOAPE) gets
> gallons of glute from a local medical supplier.  Around $18 for a
> gallon IIRC, which is a 2.5% solution.  

You're lucky. In the UK and EU you have to be a Doctor to order Glutaraldehyde.
So not an option for us. :-(

EasyCarbo is a newish alternative to Excel.


1ml per 50L (13.2 US G) verses Excel at 1ml per 40L daily.

But not any cheaper unfortunately.
Works out at £10 ($19.8 USD) per 500ml. Same as Excel.
So they're making a right profit.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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