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Re: [APD] Dark green slimy algae

Without pictures, it's difficult to identify, but kinda sounds like
blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).  Could be not enough nitrate or
water flow.  Have you measured nitrate and phosphate levels?  Are you
dosing anything?

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 9:58 PM, Edson Manners
<emanners at edsonmanners_com> wrote:
> Hi,
>         I've been browsing this list for quite a while but this is my
>  first time posting. I have a problem that I can't seem to get rid of.
>  First things first. I have 2 tanks. The one in question is a planted 75
>  gallon community tank with a variety of plants the most prolific being
>  Anubias Nana that has practically taken over the tank. I also have java
>  fern, anacharis and cryptocorine. I do water changes about once a month
>  or faster when my phosphate levels get too high. For light I use a VHO
>  4x65watts Fluorescent coralife.
>  The lights have 2 switches so I run one pair from 8am-2pm and the other
>  pair from 12pm-6pm so that I get about 2 hours a day of about 3 watts
>  per gallon.
>  I have some really nasty dark green algae that is slimy to the touch
>  growing on everything.  The most distressing thing is that it kills
>  practically all of the plants with smaller leaves like anacharis and
>  cabomba. I had gotten rid of the algae the first time it showed up about
>  a year ago by doing a bunch of different things. However I've done so
>  many things that I can't really figure out what the problem really was.
>  Now its back. The problem that I had the last time I got rid of the
>  algae was that my plants started dying off. Even my hardy java fern.
>  Other plants would turn brown and die.
>  At first I thought that it was high phosphates so I did 30% every day.
>  But that hasn't done it. So I've decreased the duration of the lights
>  from 8am-6pm to 9pm-4pm with no overlap (i.e. 130watts instead of 260)
>  and that hasn't helped. I even tried what one of my books said and that
>  was to leave the lights off for 4 days and still nothing.
>  Does anyone have nay insight on what this is? At least the name of the
>  algae? Thanks.
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