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[APD] Dark green slimy algae

        I've been browsing this list for quite a while but this is my 
first time posting. I have a problem that I can't seem to get rid of.

First things first. I have 2 tanks. The one in question is a planted 75 
gallon community tank with a variety of plants the most prolific being 
Anubias Nana that has practically taken over the tank. I also have java 
fern, anacharis and cryptocorine. I do water changes about once a month 
or faster when my phosphate levels get too high. For light I use a VHO 
4x65watts Fluorescent coralife.

The lights have 2 switches so I run one pair from 8am-2pm and the other 
pair from 12pm-6pm so that I get about 2 hours a day of about 3 watts 
per gallon.

I have some really nasty dark green algae that is slimy to the touch 
growing on everything.  The most distressing thing is that it kills 
practically all of the plants with smaller leaves like anacharis and 
cabomba. I had gotten rid of the algae the first time it showed up about 
a year ago by doing a bunch of different things. However I've done so 
many things that I can't really figure out what the problem really was.  
Now its back. The problem that I had the last time I got rid of the 
algae was that my plants started dying off. Even my hardy java fern. 
Other plants would turn brown and die.

At first I thought that it was high phosphates so I did 30% every day. 
But that hasn't done it. So I've decreased the duration of the lights 
from 8am-6pm to 9pm-4pm with no overlap (i.e. 130watts instead of 260) 
and that hasn't helped. I even tried what one of my books said and that 
was to leave the lights off for 4 days and still nothing.

Does anyone have nay insight on what this is? At least the name of the 
algae? Thanks.
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