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Re: [APD] Black brush Algae

At 12:35 PM 2/27/08 +0900, you wrote:
>Black brush algae has been plaguing my large aquarium, it's fastened itself
to the Anubis and and to the leaves of my Echinodorus sp San Francisco
River. It hasn't gotten a foothold on the chain sagitterria. the C spiralis
(which survived their trip intact) or the java moss.
>The tank is 180cm long, stocked with 6 ancistrus plecos, 6 blue lipped
mouthbrooders and numerous small shrimp. Formerly in this tank were a 1/2
dozen small cories who arrived as eggs on the spiralis and some L046 plecos.
The plecos are in a breeding setup and multiplying like rabbits now and the
cories are in a 90cm planted tank with some baby zebra plecos.
>On a recommendation found on the Barr Report I went looking for SAE's
couldn't find any of the mythological little beasties so I put some flying
foxes in. Bad move, they harrass the shrimp, fight with the cichlids and
don't do any work.
>Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Ed;

Flourish Excel. Really. You could add a regular dose of potasssium nitrate.
They hate
that and die more quicky than with excel alone. First they turn red - that
means you've
killed them, then they turn white and dissolve. At least that's what I've



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