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[APD] it's not pure light and dark?

Hi folks,

I had a problem with BBA for several months, and at the same time, had  
plants that just weren't doing well.  I read all sorts of stuff and  
asked for help here.  I cleaned and dosed and got a pretty good  
culture system for BBA going.  The stuff grows pretty fast in the  
right conditions, creeping along the gravel and covering plants.  I  
finally came to the conclusion that I was dong everything too much  
except for light.  Just after the holidays, I treated the tank with  
erythromycin.  I did a 5 day treatment, but actually didn't change any  
water until the 7th day, so erythromycin levels probably remained.   
The BBA is gone.  All the fish and shrimps and plants are fine.  I  
also bought a new light source, a 4 bulb (54w) T5 housing from  
Catalina Aquarium in Sacramento (this doubled the light on my 55g tank).

With both changes and pretty much no other difference, the plants are  
growing well, truly growing up and bubbling for days after a water  
change.  I still have a hairy green thread(?) algae on some wood, but  
I can live with it and the shrimps and Siamese algae eaters seem to  
enjoy it.   I also have some algae on the glass but that also doesn't  
bother me, the snails munch on it. I'm fairly satisfied with the whole  
set up and have actually pruned a plant back twice and composted the  

I run a pH meter connected to a CO2 tank.  From what I've read, I  
expected CO2 to be off when it's dark, but my solenoid clicks on and  
CO2 is injected at night and early in the AM before it's sunny or the  
lights are on.  CO2 on means pH has risen.  Plants use CO2 to fix  
carbon and give off O2.  If it's late at night, with just a little bit  
of light coming from another room, or early in the AM first thing when  
I get up, what's responsible for the CO2 going on?  Any hints?


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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