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Re: [APD] Black brush Algae

Ed wrote:
>Black brush algae has been plaguing my large aquarium, it's fastened itself 
>to the Anubis and and to the leaves of my Echinodorus sp San Francisco 
>River. It hasn't gotten a foothold on the chain sagitterria. the C spiralis 
>(which survived their trip intact) or the java moss.>

Hi Ed,
Excel kills Black Brush Algae. I get it started every couple months or so in 
my 265 gallon. I estimate with the sump capacity in my wet/dry I have about 
280 gallons net. I cut off my auto water changing system, and dose 200 ml 
Excel in the tank. By day 2-3 the BBA is done for.

Excel will kill BBA if used per the label, it just takes longer.

Just remember, SeaChem does not recommend Excel as an Algaecide, and you 
risk overdose if you use it at higher levels than recommended. I know it 
kills discus if overdosed (not my experience-a friend's). My 265 houses 
congo tetras, albino bristlenose, albino aories (your Cory's mom and dad!), 
puntius denisonii, albino tiger barbs, red serpae tetras, and they are not 
afffected at 2x the dosing rate. The corys just lay around stoned looking 
for a few hours, but they always snap out of it.

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