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Re: [APD] Tank options

Hi Diane,

I'm not familiar with your tank or setup, but if the hood is made of 
plastic, that is what happens with plastic.

I hate plastic for anything except to be used as spacers, shims, and 
other less critical things.

I can only suggest drilling out where the screws go in and replace with 
stainless steel bolts, lock nuts, and washers.

I made my own hood using scrap wood covered with a real oak wood finish 
laminate. It looks expensive but was dirt cheap.

As for ballast, I use the more expensive electronic rapid start variety.
I burned one out one time because I forgot to turn the power off before 
trying to replace the bulbs. That was an expensive mistake on my part. 
Other than that, it has been running flawlessly for several years.
I just make sure it hangs underneath the tank where water cannot get to 
it, and it is well ventilated.

Hope that helps.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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