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Re: [APD] Fluoride in water

At 19:12 on 25 Feb 2008 Harry Martin held forth, thusly:

> I don't know if it is harmful to aquaria fish at natural levels.
> Maybe someone else on the list knows better.

I did a quick search of the scientific literature (using PubMed), and 
the three articles I found said that there is no evidence that 
fluoridation of tap water has any influence on aquatic life exposed 
to sewage effluent.  One study in Quebec noted that the only 
instances of high concentrations [defined as 0.05-0.09 mg/l 
increases]  of flouridated compounds in water resulted from 
industrial pollution rather than from flouridated city water 

Fluorine compounds can be highly reactive, and, as Bill noted, there 
is a lot of controversy surrounding fluoridated water.  But there's 
very little evidence that the amounts of flourine in city water have 
any detrimental effect on people.

It may be that studies have focused on human health rather than 
aquatic life, and I didn't find any studies on aquaria, but there's 
still nothing really credible that says that fluoridated drinking 
water has any adverse effect on any life. The amounts are small.

Water changes will dilute any concentration that happens in your 
aquariums due to evaporation. 

I wouldn't worry about it. You're much more likely to end up with 
normal aquarium waste products that produce more detrimental results 
than you are to be able to see any adverse effects from fluoridated 
drinking water.

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