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[APD] How small is algae?

So like, I have this pea green tank. No problem says I, I'll just diatom it. I
charge the diatom filter up in spare small tank, water goes crystal clear
and I move the hoses, while running, to the green tank. After several hours,
nothing. Huh?

I empty the small tank, then direct the output of the diatom filter into it
and it fills with green water. Huh?

I dump in another half cupful of diatom powder, the tank goes white
and in about 10 minutes all the white is gone as it's deposited on the
filter bag. But the small tank is still green.

I've chcked the bag, I don't see any leaks, rips or tears. If there
was it would never clear the tank of white powder anyway.

What on earth is going on? Can the algae be smaller than the ditatom
fiter pore size?


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