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[APD] Yeast CO2 systems

Hi Dave,

The kit I'm looking at claims it's good for up to 39 gallons, if you  
can believe that. I don't. But, it couldn't hurt. I could do it DIY  
but if I shell out the $34 for this system I get a bubble counter &  

I would like to get a CO2 tank & regulator but I'm not sure if I'm  
going to be living in my current place for more than two years, and  
I'm kind of trying to resist getting too heavily back into the hobby  
until I'm more settled.

The bummer is I've got two 5lb CO2 (empty) tanks & regulators in  
storage back east in a friend's basement. Getting them dug out and  
sent to me just isn't easily doable at the moment, but we'll see. I  
wonder if the tanks are still usable after about ten years? I know  
SCUBA tanks have to be tested periodically to ensure safety.


> Hi Wolf,
> I used a yeast type CO2 generator (DIY) when I got into planted  
> tanks, for about
> two weeks. They are very hard to control and nearly impossible to  
> regulate. For the
> money, I would just build one myself  from a 2 liter soft drink  
> container and direct the
> output into the intake of a filter. You will have the very same  
> thing as any of the CO2
> kits sold that operate on a yeast generator. I have not used one,  
> but the Hagen system
> looks OK, but the refills are expensive compared to purchasing your  
> own sugar and
> brewers yeast.
> Look at the yeast CO2 kits maximum size. I think they usually are  
> good for 20-30
> gallon tanks. If your tank is larger, they say to buy additional kits.
> I just looked on ebay under "CO2 regulator", and you can buy new  
> single stage, dual
> gauge regulators for very near the $34 figure you mentioned ($35- 
> $40). A search
> under "CO2 tank" showed a brand new 5 lb aluminim CO2 tank from  
> $53.95 from
> the same company selling the regulator.
> Do yourself a favor: buy the regulator, pony up the extra $55 for  
> the cylinder like you
> had before, then you are ready for CO2 injection that can go with  
> any size tank you
> may use. When I got serious about planted tank keeping, yeast type  
> CO2 was totally
> inadequate.
> If you do some cost averaging, you will probably find that the  
> Hagen system or
> something comparable and refills will equal the cost of a 5 lb tank  
> and regulator
> in about a year or so.
> Dave

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