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Re: [APD] How small is algae?

Richard J. Sexton wrote:
> So like, I have this pea green tank.

You might try hydrogen peroxide. I found it pretty effective against 
algae and had no issues with the fish. According to a study done on 
municipal water systems, concentrations below 16 mg/L appear not to harm 
bacteria in biofilms much. Since household peroxide is usually 3% w/v, 
that means you can use about 10 mL per 5 gallons as your upper limit. I 
always used a tablespoon (15 mL) per 10 gallons to good effect. If 
you're afraid, try half that dosage.

One caveat: If you have a lot of iron in the water, it will turn cloudy 
when you add the peroxide. This is normal, and municipal water 
filtration plants use the reaction to clean water. They call it 
"Fenton's Reaction."

Jerry Baker
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