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[APD] DIY-ish CO2 kit?

Back in the day I had a 5lb CO2 tank w/regulator, etc. Life changes  
took me out of the hobby. Now, years later I see there are lots of  
CO2 options available. The other day I was at the fish store and they  
had a little CO2 kit for $34 which was essentially a DIY setup. Fill  
the bottle with water, sugar, yeast, and let it bubble through the  

Well, I'm slowly working my way back into the hobby and would like to  
try one of these yeast/sugar reactors for now. Any recommendations on  
a good brand? I *could* make my own with a 2 liter soda bottle, but  
would rather try a store bought set up with bubble counter/diffuser,  
etc. What brand would you all suggest for $34 or less?

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