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Re: [APD] FAQ-substrates

At 02:35 PM 2/4/08 -0500, you wrote:
>Ahhhhhh!  Help.  The eyestrain and 'google tunnel' of the wrist is
>unbearable.  I need help picking a substrate for my 100 gallon, CO2
>dosed, overly lighted aquarium.  I'm looking for information from those
>with experience on using the various fluorite, eco-complete, tropica,
>ADA aquasoil.....etc...

I'm not convinced it really makes THAT much of a difference. Some of the
most spectacular tanks I've seen used regular #2 silica gravel.

FWIW I've had best luch with bach sand with some organics and
iron, as in nails, under it.

IMO anything that costs real money is a diminsihed return.


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