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Re: [APD] Barley Straw

I'll add that Terry Barber's advice was spot on, in my experience.  I have a
90 gallon mbuna tank and some algae on the glass is pretty normal.  I scrape
it off the front and sides when I do a water change, and off the back when
it bothers me.  I had a pleco in there for a long time, and he kept up with
the glass pretty well.  Since he's gone on to fishy heaven, it's been a
little more aggressive, but not bad.  I also have an anubias and some Java
fern in the tank and the cichlids don't bother the anubias at all, and pick
at the fern a little, but not enough to really hurt it, either in growth or
looks.  They will pick at the algae on the glass some.  The tank has just a
regular shoplight over it for light and no CO2 tank, but I do dose Excel at
the recommended rate daily, and I think that does help some with the algae

As for barley straw, it is pretty much "recommended" for green water type
algaes, tho I never had much luck with it in my outdoor pond.  For whatever
that's worth (probably not even the usual .02!  :) )


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