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Re: [APD] Barley Straw

Terry wrote:
>4.  Add Seachem Excel to the tank at 2X to 3X the suggested dose.  This will
slowly kill it off.

You have to be careful about dosing Excel for algae control. It is not a claimed benefit of the product, and Seachem warns about overdosing, so we use it at our own risk. Seachem really distances themselves from the algicidal effects of the product, if you read the product information and FAQs on their website, probably for liability issues.  One of my friends from this List accidently killed several beautiful adult discus dosing Excel at 2x recommended dose in her planted tank. I use Excel for hair algae control 
(2 x recommended) once every 4 months or so, and I have cories, angels, congos, puntius denisonii,  bristlenmose plecs, and red serpae tetras. The cories lay around like they are stoned for several hours after I dose, but they always recover.

Dosing Excel at 2x recommended dose kills off hair algae in my tank in about 2 days.

If you are uncertain about how your fish will react to it at a higher than normal dose, I would use it per instructions. It will work the same, but just take longer.
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