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Re: [APD] Brown Algea

The brown algea is cause by not enough light. This is the stuff you get in your shower if you don't leave the door open for it to dry out or you have lots of showers being taken every day and it stays humid in the bathroom.
  I was told that you need 1.5 to 2 watts of light per gallon of water to grow plants. And that the best light bulbs are the ones that run at 5500K, closest to the sun at high noon on the equator.
  I have a 29 extra high tank and I grow live plants great. My lighting is 3 15 watt lightbulbs, 1.5 watts per gallon.  I run 3 zoo med tropic sun 5500K bulbs. I order from Drsfostersmith.com. The Tropic Sun are the cheapest bulbs too. If anyone has a place I can get a better price let me know. I order in bulk to make the shipping costs less frequent and less per bulb. I run the bulbs till they go dead or almost dead, I know, but I have never had any trouble with growth and the blubs last a few years.
  After you have the set up right you need to have the lights on 10 to 14 hours a day. The equator is a perfect 12 hours every day of the year, that is what I run. A timer works best to keep this constant. May need to vary slighty up or down from 12 hours because of algea. I like to have some algea, just the amount I can see when looking really closely at the tank or a few feet away. I do have a few species of plecos. If I can see the algea from across the room that is too much.
  Lief Youngs

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If black algae is caused by lack of nitrogen, what causes the brown form?



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