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Re: [APD] Barley Straw

I don't think that the Barley straw will really help you.   It is "rumored"
to be a cure for green water/free algae not the kind that adheres to glass.
The algae on the glass is pretty "normal".   Your cichlids are not going to
be the best choice for most plants but you can try some more hardy plants in
the tank.  Anubias, java fern,  perhaps some common crypts will be ok.    If
you add any mbuna cichlids they will like to eat the plants. I have a 250
gallon mbuna/peacock tank and I throw my plant overflow from my other tanks
into here and they eat it fast.  Oh and they mystery snails will eat plants

My best advice is this.

1.  Make sure to do frequent partial water changes on your tank.   This will
help slow down the algae.
2.  Not sure what type of pleco you have - but a good sized pleco will
eliminate the algae on the glass.  Even smaller species of pleco can do a
great job.   I have a tiger pleco in a 55 that keeps up with most of it.
If you are keeping a small sized species consider adding another pleco.
3.  The plants that you add may help reduce it some by out competing the
4.  Add Seachem Excel to the tank at 2X to 3X the suggested dose.  This will
slowly kill it off.

Personally,   I live with that kind of algae in my tanks and usually just
clean it off when it annoys me at tank maintenance time.  I think removing
some algae from the glass is a normal part of most peoples fish tank life.
Good luck and hope you enjoy your tank.

Terry Barber

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