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Re: [APD] Nutrafin CO2 problems

At 09:24 PM 10/25/07 -0600, you wrote:
> From what I read...
>...and per your previous email, I can only guess that you may have a 
>leak somewhere in the system. Is it possible to perform a pressure check 
>on the components, check for hairline cracks, or some other cracked plastic?
>You could perform a sanity check using just yeast, sugar, and water 
>using the Nutrafin setup compared to a soda bottle DIY setup. This could 
>rule out a yeast problem or other hidden problem.
>I doubt water temperature would have harmed the yeast.

I don't think it leaks, it's new, has worked and all I've done is unscrew
and screw it back on.

But, to be certain I'll submerge the cannister and see what happens.

I've already tested the tubing to the ladder, it's all ok.


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