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Re: [APD] Chinese lights

>>Edward Venn wrote:
>>> I'm slowly getting replies from the various Chinese companies
>>Do those come with free lead? I hope it's not the same manufacturing 
>>company that made all those batteries last year, or the capacitors a 
>>couple of years ago. I'm very dubious about Chinese products where 
>>failure can present any kind of danger. Some Chinese products are very 
>>good, and others are corner-cutting dangers to their users.

The Chinese build some very good stuff, many of the big brand names
produce their equipments in China. Cheap Chinese products that have
flooded India are poor quality. CFL lamps fail from a few hours to a
few weeks. Small halogen lamps are very cheap 0.40$, they last for
about 15 days.

My Chinese heaters packed up in few months, the old Rena's are going
strong after 10+ years. My Eheims are going strong after more than
10 years, the cheap ones I buy for my fry tanks pack up real quick!

You get what you pay for.

>The Chinese built what you tell them too. When stuff is rubbish it's because
>they've been told to make things that nobody else can make for that price.
>On the other hand there's Chinese made Marcedes (suspension) parts
>that are better than the OEM TRW parts.
>So I don't buy the "if it's Chinese it's crap" idea

Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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