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Re: [APD] Chinese lights

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:

> Edward Venn wrote:
>> I'm slowly getting replies from the various Chinese companies
> Do those come with free lead? I hope it's not the same manufacturing 
> company that made all those batteries last year, or the capacitors a 
> couple of years ago. I'm very dubious about Chinese products where 
> failure can present any kind of danger. Some Chinese products are very 
> good, and others are corner-cutting dangers to their users.

First they poison our pet fish with dangerous chemicals in fish food, then 
they made imperfect exploding batteries and now they're putting lead and 
other nasties in children's toys.

Are they slowly trying to conquer the World in 99 years? :-)

Stuart Halliday

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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