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Re: [APD] Chinese lights

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> First they poison our pet fish with dangerous chemicals in fish food, then 
> they made imperfect exploding batteries and now they're putting lead and 
> other nasties in children's toys.
> Are they slowly trying to conquer the World in 99 years? :-)

Nah. It's just a different culture. I used to work in a Chinese-owned 
business that manufactured time clock hardware. One of the components 
was a modem, and that modem was the source of more than half of our 
technical support calls. One day I finally asked our business manager 
why we were continuing to use these modems that fail after less than a 
year. "Cheaper" was his curt answer.

It's not an evil plot, or that Chinese are incapable of producing 
quality products, it's just that their culture values things a little 
differently than ours. Where a lot of westerners value durability and 
reliability over low prices, Chinese tend to value lower cost over 
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