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LOL, I got lucky I guess. Though to be honest, I think she's very much regretting the purchase of the 180G tank a few years back which re-ignited my obsession for fish keeping. She's said that she can deal with the two tanks in the bedroom if I convert the 55G to a reef tank...

In regards to the 180G, I think you may be right. The chinese manufactured lighting kit is actually 1134W which seems kind of high (6.3WPG) but the price is do-able at some point. And if I ever decide to move into saltwater, I've already got the lighting for a reef tank :-)

Thanks for the advice. I genuinely appreciate it. 


>I wanna know what kind of woman lets you get away with two aquariums in the
and does she have a sister?

For a 180G tank I don't see how you'd use anything other than metal halide.
Two 400W
bulbs? Or use low light plants, cypts, fers etc, in which case you can get
by with cheap T8 shop lights for peanuts.<

At 09:00 PM 10/17/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I have four tanks in my home at present. I have a 2.5G in my daughter's
room in the hopes of creating an interest in the hobby, a 30G planted tank
that I am setting up in my bedroom, a 55G Cichlid tank (also in my bedroom)
that I'm giving serious consideration to converting to a planted tank and
180G tank that I would dearly LOVE to convert to a show room quality planted
tank. My only problem is the $$$ to convert the big tank to a planted tank,
specifically lighting. What is the most economical solution for providing
high level lighting to a tank of that size (and please don't say sunlight)?
It's an acrylic tank with two openings in the top. I used to have two 36
inch 2x96w enclosures from AHSupply but I took one of those for the 30G
tank. The cheapest solution that I can find is a chinese lighting product
that supplies something like near 900W or more of lighting for about $500 on
ebay. Is there a better solution? I'd like to grow sword plants and
> other light loving plants rather than being limited to a low light tank. I
get the feeling that it's a pipe dream to find anything resembling
economical to provide sufficient light for a tank of this size. But even if
there are suggestions for the 55G I would greatly appreciate them as I would
like to convert that tank to a planted tank as well.

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