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Re: [APD] IBM At hunter's point

As long as we're going off topic, I'd like to point out that IBM's
subsidiary Hollinger Int. illegaly sold technology to the nazis even
after the US embargo that enabled them to efficiently slaughter my
great aunts and uncles.  They weren't the only ones.

Though for some reason, my father still sells lenovos even after I
explain to him that reality.  He even worked for them back in the

I'm a junior compared to you tree ents.  My first computer was an XT
(8086) and the closest I came to programming was ripping code from
here and there to form my first CGI chatroom in 1998.

I do dabble with ASP though, and I am working on a webiste based on it.

> You guys are kids.  My first machine was an IBM 704 at Hunter's Point
> Naval Shipyard.  It had a manual (non-electric) keypunch.   The
> printer used wiring boards for programming.  Real tubes.  Ran
> diagnostics all night.  1959!   I am about to celebrate my fiftieth
> year in programming.   43 languages used.
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