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[APD] back on topic

I believe Kevin Stringer wrote this email section below:
> I work in IT as well and for me aquatic gardening combines a bunch of
> different things that I like. There's a heavy science element to it if
> you wish to explore that route (substrate and water chemistry for
> example), but at the same time it works with living things and allows an
> artistic element that I don't usually get a chance to indulge. Lord knows
> I can't draw, sculpt, or do anything artistic like that. Aquatic
> gardening is one area where I can be artistic.
> Just my 2 cents.

Wow back on topic. Amazing...

But I concur. It's the adapting things for the aquarium and the tips and 
tricks of having to find out how to do stuff and making your own bits and 
pieces. DIY is a big piece of the aquarium hobby.
Strangely most of the fish stores don't support this aspect.

I made my own 10W aquarium heater for example, temperature controlled, etc. 
out of a test tube and a few resistors and semi-conductors.

I love finding out about chemicals and how to make them do something not 
mentioned on the label. A lost art these days.

I started work in electronic fault-finding and moved into computers. So not 
only do I know how most things today are made and work, but how the software 
inside them works too.

Stuart Halliday

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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