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[APD] No Seachem EQ

>I wanted to try the EI method but I am short of Seachem's EQ. I have CaCO3,
MgSO47H2O and K2SO4 instead. How much (tsp or tbsp measurement) would I ha
>ve to mix those 3 powders into a say, 250mL DI, and how many mL do I have
to dose my 100L tank at every water change?
>Please advise.

Here's what I use:

And here's Tom's missive on the subject:

But, you're missing KNO2 and K2PO4 which are sorta the important bits
to say nothing of the FE+trace stuff.

My water is too hard to worry about adding CaCo3; although I do keep a chunk
of coral in each tank just in case.


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