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[APD] Getting hold of pure water

I believe Sn!per wrote this email section below:

> Thanks everyone for the reply.

> Couple of years back, I can easily find stores selling distilled water
> for contact lens usage I think. Now, I can only find a product from Klean
> & Kare (http://www.anblab.com/product/nutrient.html) called Normal Saline
> Solution (Sterile Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution). It is contained in
> a 500ml plastic bottle. On the bottle it is stated that it is For
> Cleaning Purpose. And also this: Each 100mL contains Sodium Chloride
> 0.9g, Once opened, discard unused portion after 30 days.

R/O, Distilled or De-ionised water (same thing from our viewpoint) is very 
easy to get once you know what to look for! :-)

Ask at any Car Accessory Shop for example, as it's sold for topping up car 
batteries or in super-markets for adding to electric Irons for ironing clothes.
My super-market sells it in 1 Litre bottles next to other car related products.
Your local Fish shop may even sell R/O (Reverse Osmosis) water.

> I wonder if the solution can be used to brew PMDD?

Only if you wish to add Salt to your aquarium.

> And btw, I have a mineral pot at home. Would it be better for me to use
> water produced from the pot instead? 

No idea what a 'mineral pot' is.

We use it instead of tap water as tap water could be high in other chemicals 
like Phosphates and nitrates.
But the amount you'd use in PMDD is negligible in a 50+Litre sized tank.
So unless your tap water is really hard or rich in Chloramines then it's not 
worth the bother I say.

The powder will dissolve slight faster in pure water that's all.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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