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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 50, Issue 9

Speaking of which, what happened to the krib?  That site hasn't been
updated in years.  The guy who owned it based his whole website on
emails to this list.  Was a fantastic place to learn anything and
everything about the plant part of the hobby.

Having said that, there was a gentleman on the internet that I
remember from a few years ago who was a very bright aquabotanist.  I
forget his name, but he had some great ideas on his website, and all
of his plant growing advice was extremely practical.  Used to post
here quite often too.

If anyone knows who I'm talking about give a shout.


>That's the problem in a nutshell - "We know better here."  "We" know so much
>that there is no need to discuss plants.  Because of that, "we" are free to
>display our knowledge of physics and chemistry to each other, and compete to
>see who can top whose pun.

>Not to defend or support APC, but their "Science of . . . " sections contain
>a lot of excellent material, that kind that used to be posted here, years
>ago, and the "El Natural" forum there has shown a lot of people that there
>is a good option to high tech aquariums.

>This was once a vibrant list that was exciting to visit.  But now, while
>"we" might know better, not many people care.

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