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Re: [APD] people are busy I guess...

>Not to defend or support APC, but their "Science of . . . " sections contain
>a lot of excellent material,

Much of it wrong.

And I swear if I see one more Iwagumi tank I'm gonna puke in my boots. The new
French stuff there is real nice though.

>that kind that used to be posted here, 

Before we figured out what not to do.

>ago, and the "El Natural" forum there has shown a lot of people that there
>is a good option to high tech aquariums.  

As long as you don't mind green water and algae and a 50/50 chance of your tank
not looking like crap. I've yet to see a published photo of one of these tanks
with clear water.

Look at Rhondas column last month in TFH with vals stunted to one inch and
spirogyra. This is supposed to inspire people?

Chemistry and physics aren't the answer either. Practice and the simple
understanding of how plants (and algae!) work is. ADA this and powertwist
17,000K that aren't gonna help. The money some of these people sink into 
tanks only to get the same thing any 12 year old with a $10 garage sale setup
gets is staggering bordering on frightening.

who does just fine thanks with warm white and beach sand. And six pack chemicals
I mix up twice a year. Void where prohibited. Check your local laws. No refunds.


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