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Re: [APD] First Planted Tank: Water Chemistry Problems

Betsy Linhart wrote:
> Can anyone help an ex-English major who's apparently in over her head here?

Don't focus on pH, it doesn't matter (within reason). Even water 
"hardness" (dissolved solids) doesn't matter too much. Just avoid 
changing the amount of dissolved solids rapidly if fish are present. In 
general, the less you can get away with adding to the water the better.

The hardest part for me to understand and accept ("accept" being the 
harder part of the two) is that you have to add "bad" things to get good 
plant growth and discourage algae. I had algae problems until I started 
adding nitrates and phosphates.

You'd be surprised how well your fish and plants do when you stop trying 
to micromanage their environment. As long as they have the proper 
nutrients, and no toxins, they will take care of themselves.

Jerry Baker
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