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Re: [APD] First Planted Tank etc

Everyone had some really good points , ie change out some plants, dont pay  
too much attention to ph etc) but i didn't see in your post where you were  
dosing the water column with any micro or macro nutrients. IMHO the  fact that 
your water has some nitrates and phosphates unless REALLY high is not  an issue 
as much as the fact that the tank doesn't have any occupants  producing any 
macro nutrients ie nitrogen via fish waste.and you are not  adding any ferts. or 
are you?.
so put the fish into the tank, dose the water column with ferts, do your  
water changes (mixing tap 50/50 with RO was good advise but i bet you could wean  
them off of the RO) get some fast growing easy to grow stem plants to act as  
algae busters while the tank settles in and you should see some  
If you want to just  email me direct and we can work out a swap   of all the 
stem plants you need for the sword. It will be too large a plant for  a ten 
gallon tank.
rich green 
milton ma

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