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Re: [APD] FW shrimp and iodine

At 01:42 PM 5/25/07 -0700, you wrote:
>I've read some people (including some sellers of
>shrimp AND iodine) recommend adding small amounts of
>iodine to FW tanks to aid in the molting of their
>crustaceans. Opinions on whether this is really
>I recently acquired 2 bamboo shrimp who are redder
>than I thought they ever got, and are doing great now.
>Should I add iodine? (Note: I don't care if they
>breed, though that would be cool to observe.)

I never found it to be required for long term maintenance
of about a dozen shrimp species.

I like the bamboo shrimp a lot and although they're
filter feeders I have video footage of them eating
white worms somwhere here in casa de disorganizatia.

If you ever get a chance to get a vampire shrimp, do;
although ugly little spuds there's a certain charm to 

I found a Fluval 404 for $20 today, near-new, in
the Sally Ann.

And I got the crypts list back up and will test and
populate it over the weekend.



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