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[APD] OT: Microscopes

First off sorry about being off topic.

I'm developing a growing interest in Biology & Biochemistry (I'm a
Software Engineer by trade) mostly from keeping & breeding fish and
learning about what goes on in my tank water etc.  I've been toying with
the idea of getting a microscope so I can further examine things in my
tank: fry, eggs, plants sections, algae, bacteria etc and see the things
I read about in 'The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium' and other BioChem
texts but I've no idea as to what sort of microscope I'd need
(Magnification, lenses, style/type etc) or where to buy one from in
Canada!  So I thought I'd ask here as I know some folk on this list are
allot more scientific than me and may know the answers!

Can anyone help me?



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