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Re: [APD] OT: MP3

>My music site sells in
>mp3 at 128-320
>wma at 160-192
>ogg at 128-320
>mp4 at 128-320
>mpc at 128-270
>And thats just the simple options.
>If you want flac, VBR, mp3/4 at 384K or even RAW CD then that's available too.
>The Beatles Love album costs US $3.57 for 192K mp3. 320K costs a massive $5.38
>A flac of this album costs $13.79
>A PCW RAW (CD) costs $21.58
>A Monkey Audio Lossless costs $13.79

IMHO, Might as well hunt for a bargain and buy the CD !


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