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Re: [APD] MP3

Yes, 128 Kbps is horrible, suitable for car use. I ripped all my CDs at 
256 probably 320 in the future. Its an easy way to search your collection
than stand and stare at your CD collection trying to remember what 
color a CD was.. to quickly spot it.

After having to rip my who collection due to dead hard disk, I use a
Seagate external USB HDD which I can switch on and off. A useful
utility to have is a file name searcher that uses  a regular expression
syntax.. like Grep. You can cheat at hangman!

Flac is a bit large to download quickly! Speeds are increasing and very
soon downloading wave files will be common place I guess..


>Some music stores realize that 128kbps MP3 is a horrible standard and 
>sell 256kbps. I would prefer to have a store sell flac files, but I'm 
>probably not in the majority.
>"Drilling wells is boring."
>Jerry Baker

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