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Re: [APD] MP3

S. Hieber wrote:
> Of course, for that, your ears have to be willing to accept transcodings at 128k bits per second or worse or worse, the decade old mp3 format ;-)

Like everything, it's a matter of degree. I can't ABX most MP3s encoded 
with LAME above 200 kbps. It's not nearly as efficient as AAC or OGG, 
both of which I cannot ABX over 80kbps. OGG creates some peculiar 
artifacts on some of my music, so I use AAC. I have to use MP3 for the 
car because my car stereo only plays MP3 and WMA files.

Some music stores realize that 128kbps MP3 is a horrible standard and 
sell 256kbps. I would prefer to have a store sell flac files, but I'm 
probably not in the majority.

"Drilling wells is boring."

Jerry Baker
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